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Therapeutic diet number 10

Diet H (equivalent to diet number 10) for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system with heart failure, hypertension, renal disease.

1.General characteristic chemical composition and food packages:

diet restriction of sodium chloride and liquid. Limited-rich foods extractives, essential oils and oxalic acid.

2. The purpose of purpose:

preventing the development and a decrease in sodium retention and liquid, mild schazhenie renal function improved nitrogen removal of slag.

3.Basic indications for:

disease cardiovascular system with heart failure, arterial hypertension, kidney disease, nephropathy pregnant.

4.Himichesky composition and energotsennost:

Protein - 80g (50-80% of animals), fat-90-100g (30% - vegetable), carbohydrates - 350 - 450g (50-100g of mono-and disaccharides), sodium chloride - 2r free fluid - 0,9-1,1 liters calories - 2700 2900kkal.

5.Osnovnye methods of cooking:

food is prepared without salt, boiled, steam, baked form. Second meat and fish dishes in boiled whole or chopped. Allowed grilling fish and meat after boiling.

6.Rezhim supply - Fractional 5 times a day. Close analog license diet - a diet № 7,10.




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