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Historical background

 Notable history of health resorts. 

Summer 1936. On the territory of Vitebsk held high academic exercises of the Red Army under the leadership of the USSR People's Commissar for Defense Kliment Voroshilov. People's Commissar drew attention to a wonderful corner of the Belarusian nature - like a peninsula, located between the three forests, deep lakes - a significant portion elevated terrain, covered with an array of pine trees. A quiet place 12 km from the village, now a city Lepel, and near roads, suitable for communication with this corner of nature, leading to Minsk, Vitebsk and Polotsk.

May 15, 1946 order of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR was formed, "Lepel resort Belarusian Military District".

The construction of nursing home began with a single (current treatment) of the body, which on the upper floors of multi-seat room for guests without any amenities, but on the first floor - a medical diagnostic rooms, vodogryazelechebnitsa and cinema.

was soon built the second storey dormitory building (now the building number 3). He was called the family, as was intended to accommodate married couples with children. The rooms were without facilities (shared wash basin and toilet). A few years later as a result of internal restructuring in the body have been equipped double rooms with all amenities, consisting of a bedroom and a small lounge, where, except a sofa and chairs, were a chess table, fridge, TV and telephone.

Over the years, resulting in well-organized treatment process, Friendly staff resort to the travelers and the availability of favorable natural factors, such as forest-water lakes, pine forests, medicinal mineral water brought to a sanatorium in popularity and fame far beyond the outside Belarus.

The number wishing to relax and improve your health in a sanatorium. Over the years, expanded spa and landscaped, improve their healing process.

Thus, in 1972. was built by third (currently 2 nd), a six-story dormitory building for 250 beds. In addition to its one-room double rooms with all amenities available medical practices, procedures. On each floor - a lounge with TV, on the sixth floor - hall of physiotherapy exercises and gym in the basement room - the billiard room.

in 60-ies of surveyors in the nursing home were found two underlying sources of mineral waters. And in 1975. were commissioned in two wells with mineral water and built a comfortable pump room to drink mineral water from well number 2. Water from the source number 1 is for bathing. The use of these waters resort received more effective treatment factors. Increased hospital bed capacity of nursing home could not meet the small kitchen, yutivshayasya a nondescript barracks room type. Therefore, in 1979. on the shore of a large lake had been completed a handsome three-story building, which housed a kitchen-dining room for 460 seats, a club with a cinema. In the basement room - a ballroom. From the windows of the dining room, summer vacations can enjoy caressing eyes blue lakes. On the bank is equipped with a beautiful beach.

For many years, a great inconvenience for a number of holidaymakers have been placing them in four to eight local wards with no amenities in the 1-meter building, dating back to the prewar years. To eliminate this inconvenience, in 1986. It was built and began operating a five-story dormitory building with chambers for 2-3 beds, combined in a unit with shared bathroom facilities. It was intended primarily to accommodate families with children.

With the introduction of this case had the opportunity to get rid of the chambers of a multi-corps and instead equip the additional medical and diagnostic rooms. In 1 case, except the bedrooms, located emergency department. In 1987. chambers of this building were converted to double rooms on the same principle, and the numbers of the third case.

Near this body was built two-storey building for a cafe with 100 seats. In the kitchen, a cafe preparing hot meals and cold snacks, a snack bar. Vacationers here can enjoy a flavored tea, various drinks, try the pantry products.

Thus arose, developed and landscaped resort Lepel - sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus, are now calculated at 345 beds.




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